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Engaging Videos and Live Streaming for Financial Advisors

Craft your narrative with our state-of-the-art video production and live streaming services, designed to meet the diverse needs of financial professionals. Whether it’s a detailed explainer by a key team member or a creative full-concept piece, we deliver content that resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand.

Professional Equipment

With pro studio lights, a teleprompter, high-end cameras, a gimbal, pro microphones, and a drone, we have everything your project might need.

Studio-Level Software

Our video assembly is crafted with professional software, covering audio, motion graphics, color grading, modern captions, and everything in between.

Optimized Titles and Keywords

Leverage our programs to boost your views with relevant tagging and keywords on YouTube, ensuring your content reaches its target audience.

Embedded Right on Your Website

Organized and integrated, your videos will be prominently featured on your website for accessible viewing by clients and prospects.

Everything You Need To Engage Your Audience

  • Shot on high-end Sony cameras and lenses for unmatched clarity and detail.
  • Deliver your message flawlessly; never miss a beat with our professional teleprompter setup.
  • From studio lights to drones, we have all the professional gear your project could ever need.
  • We handle the uploading process, including keyword tagging, SEO-friendly titles, and crafting a professional thumbnail.
  • Optimize your message with our scriptwriting services, available as an add-on or included with animated videos.
  • Enhance your voice with premium software editing to eliminate errors and filler words, ensuring exceptional audio quality.
  • Premium music and/or sound effects are included if needed.
  • *Your videos will be emailed out to your list with custom email design.
  • *We ensure your videos get the social media exposure they deserve.

*Included in a monthly video package only.


Stay consistently in front of your audience with our monthly video packages. We make it easy to maintain a fresh and relevant online presence with regular, high-quality video content.

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Get A Website Without Breaking The Bank



$2,000 PER MONTH

Who is this package for?

Perfect for advisors aiming to maintain client engagement and build a loyal following with consistent, high-quality monthly video content.

Talking Head Video (2-5 Minutes)

Engage your audience with a personal touch; our short-form talking head videos are perfect for impactful insights and updates.

Full Concept Video

Tell a compelling story with our full concept videos, where every element is crafted to represent the essence of your investing philosophy and brand.

Animated Explainer Video

Simplify complex financial concepts with animated explainers, making your message accessible, memorable and fun.

Livestream Your Event

Broadcast your financial seminars or conferences with our professional livestream services, connecting you in real-time with your audience.

Script Writing Add-On

Enhance your videos with our expertly crafted scripts, tailored to deliver your financial message with clarity and impact.